Tulsa Topless Skate - September 29, 2019

In September 2019 the 10 Circuit or Appeals, which covers 6 states, declared a topless ban in Colorado to be unconstitutional.  This ruling now allows women in these six states, which includes Oklahoma, to go topless.  

On September 29th a group in Tulsa put together a public skate gathering for topless women in support of this ruling.

In direct disregard to this new ruling the Tulsa mayor, Tulsa Sheriff's Department and the Oklahoma Attorney General's office decided to continue to enforce state laws.  The Tulsa mayor, stating that he was "irked" that women chose to exercise their new rights.  His attitude expressed in an interview with Tulsa World makes it appear that their rights are trivial and he should be spending his time one other matters that he deems to be more important than individual rights.