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About Richard Gorremans

My world of photography began with a fire when I was 10 years old and a care package that had a camera in it. My father thought the camera would help ease the pain of loosing the awesome 007 briefcase I had gotten for Xmas. 

I had no idea how to operate the camera, but was excited all the same.  A few weeks later I met a gentleman at the nearby park who saw me playing with the camera.  He asked if I wanted to learn how to use the camera. 


For the next year I would bring him a picture I had taken.  He would ask why I had taken the picture and what it meant to me. After I told him he would teach me something new about using my camera.

I never learned what happened to that kind old gentleman.  What he taught me was just the beginning of my life long passion and love for photography.  The most important lesson he taught me is that the images I create should have purpose.  Unlike a writer who can write a whole book to convey their story with words, I have one image to tell my story with light and shadows.

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